Sunday, April 1, 2012

Great News About Avary...

Avary With A Big Smile - Friday...

I am so very happy to share with you the news that Baby Avary has made a marvelous recovery.  Thank you for the incredible outpouring of love and prayers for this little angel...  

These photo's were taken during our visit on Friday Morning...

She kept a tight grip on Soph's arm... - she wasn't going to let her go anywhere fast...

By Saturday lunch time, her doctors allowed her to be discharged from the hospital.. Sophie
went to visit her yesterday and by all accounts Avary is doing fabulous - and very glad to be home safe and sound with her tired and very relieved Mum and Dad...

Yay Avary!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Avery Up-Date...

Thank you to everyone who sent loving thoughts and prayers to Avery... She has turned the corner... and is on the mend.

Sophie went to visit her yesterday, and was shocked and thrilled to see a HUGE change in Avery since our visit the previous day.

Avery's eyes were bright and open, and she smiled when she saw "Soph" appear from behind the hospital curtain, wearing a mask and globs of Anti-Bacterial goo on her hands...

Sophie was allowed to snuggle up to Avery in the hospital bed and spend some lovely healing time together...

As you can see, Avery is still hooked up to lots of medical instruments, and she's not out of the woods yet, but she is on the mend... please, please continue to put her in your prayers...  

After the initial post about Avery and Sophie there was a huge outpouring from so many of you... from the bottom of my heart Dear Friends and Loved ones... Thank you, Thank you....

Below is an up-date from Avery's parents...

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for Avary.  Today her breathing has improved and she's continued to get some strength back.  They've been able to cut back on  her oxygen and she's responding very well to that.  She is more alert and so is also more aware of her aches & pains, and they are treating her with meds for that.  The other good news is her fever is just low grade now, no spikes (fingers crossed). 

The staff here thinks we are on a good path.  We're still in ICU, and can't leave until her oxygen support is further reduced, but we're hoping that can happen in the next 24 hours.  That said, the staff is so great in ICU we are in no hurry to leave given we're a ways from leaving the hospital--to get released Avary has to return to eating and drinking herself and regain her strength (she can't sit up by herself right now).

Thanks again to everyone for your love and support!

Eric & Jenn

With Love,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love, Gratitude and Prayers...

Many weeks have passed since I last wrote.  Looking back at my last post I remember feeling the elation of seeing the Grand Canyon again.  Some days later during our stay in Arizona I received a chilling phone call from my eldest daughter saying that on her drive back to college  in Eastern Washington, she had hit black ice on the road and had a car accident.  It wasn't till she sent me this photo that I realized how bad it had been..

It was a close call..., the car had flipped several times hurtling her belongings to the front of the car, miraculously, none of the missiles struck Sophie (including the tire jack.)  Using that same tire jack, she broke the window and was able to escape... although badly shook up and bruised a trip to the hospital confirmed that she was not badly injured.

We returned home the next day and realized through phone conversations with Sophie that the car crash had had a deeper impact on her than we realized, so much so that she decided to leave her college and come home for the rest of the school year.

I was so relieved to have her home, and grateful to have her in one piece.

Initially, it was easy, making sure she had nourishing food to eat, lots of rest and love... but I noticed that she wasn't quite her old self despite my ministering to her,,, and seemed a little lost and sad...  

A couple of weeks later she announced that she had been for an interview and offered the job as a nanny to a very adorable 18 month old baby girl...  

Over the past few months "Baby Avery" has become a regular feature at our home... Sophie and her charge drop in often - an event that never fails to brighten our day... I watch the two of them together... Sophie seems so much more like her old self... Avery clearly loves Sophie, curling up in her lap and reading books playing games... I sing old nursery rhymes to her (when I can remember them...)  

I feel like Avery has brought so much healing and love to my daughter...  Sophie no longer looks sad and lost...,  how one little girl can bring so much love, light and healing is a miracle to me.  

Now this little blossom need our LOVE & PRAYERS...

This past weekend Avery was admitted to hospital with Viral Pneumonia...  
Doctors have her on oxygen, and feeding tube..., she is very weak, they are trying to stabilize her, and keep her as comfortable as they can.   Her parents are with her round the clock, they watch for signs that her body is fighting the virus.  Even in her very poorly state, she has asked for "Soph" several times...


Please join with us and send this little angel who has become part of our family,  love and prayers for healing.

With love,


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Revisiting An Old Friend...

View from Mather Point, South Rim ~ Grand Canyon

A recent trip to Sedona brought the opportunity to detour and visit one of the most awe inspiring places in the natural world.  For me, visiting the Grand Canyon is like going to see Great Grandmother - I feel such a deep respect and reverence for this sacred place... stepping up to her edges I am overcome with a longing to be embraced by the magic that moves and has moved people for thousands of years.  

Every rock, boulder and tree feels imbued with love, wisdom & ancient history.

Raven, gatekeeper to this sacred world.  

I observed him, as he gazed out sagely at the pilgrims who have travelled from many corners of the world to come to his kingdom and visit Great Grandmother. 

Mostly words fail me when paying homage at this great place... so I leave you with an excerpt from the poem "Grand Canyon" by Henry Van Dyke - 

Till next time....


Spirit of Beauty, mother of delight,
Thou fairest offspring of Omnipotence
Inhabiting this lofty lone abode,
Speak to my heart again and set me free
From all these doubts that darken earth and heaven!
Who sent thee forth into the wilderness
To bless and comfort all who see thy face?
Who clad thee in this more than royal robe
Of rainbows? Who designed these jewelled thrones
For thee, and wrought these glittering palaces?
Who gave thee power upon the soul of man
To lift him up through wonder into joy?
God! let the radiant cliffs bear witness, God!
Let all the shining pillars signal, God!
He only, on the mystic loom of light.
Hath woven webs of loveliness to clothe
His most majestic works: and He alone
Hath delicately wrought the cactus-flower
To star the desert floor with rosy bloom.