Sunday, September 18, 2011

A New Blog - Welcome...

Welcome to Neinah's Nest...

Its the end of one season and the beginning of another, and I am filling my spare time with the rituals that signal summer's departure - blackberry and huckleberry picking, then making into jam.  Clearing spent flowers from the garden beds... bringing fall colors from the outside in -  think gourds and pumpkins, rose hips... the last of the dahlias... strings of brightly colored chili peppers... apple spice scented candles... delightful ways to enhance the senses, and make the nest more cozy as the nights close in...

These deeply embedded rituals make the turning of the season easier - embracing the goodness and  abundance in nature makes the transition of leaving summer and stepping into Autumn more joyful..., creative and meaningful.

A Bowl of Delicately Flavored Huckleberries

Flame Colored Dahlias and Apple Spice Votives Burn Brightly Together

Mouthwatering Chilis Inspire New Recipes 

As I move through the seasons, I will be bringing recipes, thoughts and ideas, poetry, art and all things good that move and inspire me to create and to blog...

I look forward to meeting you here.



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  1. Neinah, I followed the bread crumb trail over from your old blog, and I'm very happy to see you. I've been MIA from my blog, too, so I was happy to see you posting. Am trying to check in and do some visiting tonight and hopefully for the next few days.

    I caught up a little on your last post, and I am so happy you had such a good visit in England. Oh, to be in England! I love it so!

    This is a very pretty new blog, and I wish you all the best with it.