Thursday, November 3, 2011

El Dia de los Muertos


This year I really wanted to celebrate Day of the Dead...  
So I created this altar with love and intention and focus on loved ones who have passed.

I found the preparing, researching and creating things for the altar so satisfying, as if I'm still able to do something for the people that I love even though they are no longer living.

Marigolds, candles, skulls, pan de muertos (day of the dead bread,) help to create color and "alive-ness" of this special once a year shrine

In Mexican folklore and other Latin countries it is believed that on these special days - arriving October 31st and leaving November 2nd, spirits of our departed ancestors and friends return to us and join in to celebrate life and death with feasts and festivities... Special foods are prepared, "ofredas," created of the deceased  favorite foods and drinks which are then taken to the cemeteries, there the graves are decorated with flowers, candles are lit and whole families can be found gathered at the graves of their deceased relatives sharing stories and memories.   It is tradition for families to stay and picnic with the spirits of their ancestors, usually staying through till the morning.. till the spirits leave once again until  the following year.

I think its a beautiful, healing way to remember loved ones.  


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