Sunday, January 22, 2012

Revisiting An Old Friend...

View from Mather Point, South Rim ~ Grand Canyon

A recent trip to Sedona brought the opportunity to detour and visit one of the most awe inspiring places in the natural world.  For me, visiting the Grand Canyon is like going to see Great Grandmother - I feel such a deep respect and reverence for this sacred place... stepping up to her edges I am overcome with a longing to be embraced by the magic that moves and has moved people for thousands of years.  

Every rock, boulder and tree feels imbued with love, wisdom & ancient history.

Raven, gatekeeper to this sacred world.  

I observed him, as he gazed out sagely at the pilgrims who have travelled from many corners of the world to come to his kingdom and visit Great Grandmother. 

Mostly words fail me when paying homage at this great place... so I leave you with an excerpt from the poem "Grand Canyon" by Henry Van Dyke - 

Till next time....


Spirit of Beauty, mother of delight,
Thou fairest offspring of Omnipotence
Inhabiting this lofty lone abode,
Speak to my heart again and set me free
From all these doubts that darken earth and heaven!
Who sent thee forth into the wilderness
To bless and comfort all who see thy face?
Who clad thee in this more than royal robe
Of rainbows? Who designed these jewelled thrones
For thee, and wrought these glittering palaces?
Who gave thee power upon the soul of man
To lift him up through wonder into joy?
God! let the radiant cliffs bear witness, God!
Let all the shining pillars signal, God!
He only, on the mystic loom of light.
Hath woven webs of loveliness to clothe
His most majestic works: and He alone
Hath delicately wrought the cactus-flower
To star the desert floor with rosy bloom.


  1. Dag Neinah,
    Hier weer eens een berichtje van mij, ik heb ook heel lang niet kunnen reageren omdat ik mijn volgers niet mer zag, maar nu is dat verholpen
    Leuk hé zo'n mooie vacantie naar Mexico.
    Ik zag je foto's van de Grand Canyon, daar ben ik ook geweest, ik zei altijd, ik voel mij net een zandkorrel, in zo'n prachtige natuur SCHITTEREND, prachtig mooi.
    Op mijn verzoek hebben we die reis twee maal gemaakt.
    Geniet van alles.
    Groetjes, Joke

  2. awesome; thanks for sharing with us

    much love...